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Video Cardiomyopathy


Dr. Anastasio Montero presents an innovative treatment for asymmetric hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. With a success rate greater than 99 percent, this procedure enlarges the left ventricular cavity and massively decreases the transventricular gradient and septum thickness.


ICOMV Award Medical Contest Recognition for a Lifetime Professional to Dr. Anastasio Montero

Video I Forum Innovation and Transcatheter Techniques

Dra. Bel participated as a speaker in the 1st Forum on Innovation and transcatheter techniques organized by the Spanish Society of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery

Surgeon Anastasio Montero, on the advisory committee for deconfinement.
Dr. Bel directs the I Experimental Techniques course   Basic Surgical in Cardiovascular Surgery.
Video MHO

La Fe Hospital explains the heart transplant program in Denmark

In 2013, Dr. Bel was invited to explain the Heart Transplant program carried out at H. La Fe after successfully performing a transplant on a Danish citizen who was on vacation.

El Faro interviews Dr. Montero

The surgeon Anastasio Montero, a world reference in heart transplants, visits # ElFaroRazón and talks with Mara Torres about his childhood in the barracks; his early calling; the sensation of operating with an open heart; the philosophical part of linking the heart with emotion and on his memories in Cambridge, where he crossed paths with Stephen Hawking and the "hunches" that reason does not understand

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IV Edition of Recognition Awards for Professional Career

The Collegiate Medical Organization awards in Madrid the Award for Recognition of Professional Career to Dr. JA Montero.

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